Living Labs: Germany

The CITYFOOD Living Lab in Berlin (Germany) is part of the Family and Education centre (FEZ). FEZ Berlin is Europe’s biggest non-profit family and education centre located in a cultural park in Berlin´s southeast district.

About the Lab

An already existing system will be improved by optimizing the water flow, by incorporating use of rain water, and integrating new energy saving components. The IAAC system will be used to produce tilapia and tomatoes. Produce will be used for different events organised at the centre.

The FEZ Living Lab will raise awareness of the food production among children, their parents and families. The Living Labs will convey ecological knowledge and insights on how food choices and sustainable production methods can benefit families and their community, and promote how urban food production can become a business opportunity.

Inside the Living Lab in Berlin

Location Features

Special research activities/ tasks for the Living Lab in the children’s, youth and family centre:


  • Education about how food production can benefit the community while teaching students about farming techniques in an urban context