Living Labs: Grimstad Lab 1 NIBIO

The CITYFOOD Living Lab, Grimstad Lab 1 NIBIO, is located in the province of Agder in the South-East of Norway, is an operating IACC system with production estimated to be 16 kg lettuce every week with a 6 to 8-week growth cycle to marketable size.

About the Lab

The working IAAC system at the NIBIO campus in Grimstad Lab 1 / Landvik will be used as a demonstration site for teachers and students to collaborate with low-risk prisoners at Arendal who can work outside the prison, to assist in the research and development of Grimstad Lab 2 in Arendal.

The Living Lab at NIBIO consists of the following components:


  • Eight fish tanks with two different fish species: currently brown trout, bleke salmon and rainbow trout
  • Two nursery beds for seedlings/ propagation (two small green squares)
  • 12 plant beds in rafts (DWC=deep water culture)
  • 20 m³ water volume of the whole system (total)
Fig. Configuration of the IAAC Living Labs (Photo: Skar, NIBIO).

Location Features

Special research activities/ tasks for the Grimstad Lab 1 in NIBIO, Institute campus Grimstad/ Landvik Norway:


  • Testing and investigating fish and plant species which are best suitable for Nordic conditions
  • Teacher training as well as training of students/prisoners