Living Labs: Grimstad Lab 2

The CITYFOOD Living Lab, Grimstad Lab 2 (Agder), is a new facility to be built in a prison, located in the province of Agder in the South-East of Norway.

About the Lab

The Grimstad Lab 2 will help to build social skills and generate meaningful work opportunities for the prisoners. The IAAC system will offer a locally produced healthy and fresh food which will be served in the prison and shared with the local community.

The prison has welcomed the project and encourages NIBIO students and researchers to help design a system which will consist of a closed food production system and will draw on knowledge gained at the Grimstad Lab 1 NIBIO / Landvik IAAC system.

An up-close look at lettuce

Location Features

Special research activities/ tasks for the Grimstad Lab 2 in the prison in Norway:


  • Curriculum development within IAAC technology for prison applications
  • Developing of a general concept for how to integrate IAAC technology into prisons